Restaurant Online Solution

How do we do that ?
Our I.T. experts use an open source platform and various open source plugins develop a powerful E-commerce engine. All those platform and plugins are contributed by great developers in programming world, which we could use to implement complex application for our clients.
We can build an online order website in few hours using our engine.

What can the platform do ?
Features on platform include but not limited to

  • Online order – Customer can order product from your website
  • Online payment – Customer can pay with credit card in your website
  • Order track – You can track order status, communicate with customer through your website
  • Email order notification – Email notify customers upon any order status change
  • SMS ( Phone text message ) notification – Text to customers upon any order status automatically, will charge business owner based on amount of SMS sent to customers.
  • Customer management – Manage customer information, keep in touch with customers
  • Inventory management – Inspect inventory
  • Online Contact Form – You can receive email notification if customer fill in online form for any questions
  • Other features you expect … ( We could look for any solution )